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Fortis Wind Energy Products

Fortis Wind Energy offers horizontal Small Wind Turbines and service. Listed below are the key aspects of our Small Wind Turbines.

No-trouble Small Wind Turbines

No-trouble Small Wind Turbines means that we supply a complete working wind turbine system, including different tower options and dedicated electronic controlling. Our wind turbines consist of:

1. the Fortis wind turbine head;
2. a pole - this can be a guyed wire pole, or a free standing one;
3. the foundation kit;
4. cables to the voltage regulator;
5. voltage regulator;
6. optional: a grid inverter to feed the electricity into your electricity grid

All this including a 5 year factory part warranty.

Sign and service concept

We have developed a sales process in which all requests for licences and subsidies are arranged for you, so you will not need to worry about all the paper work involved. Contact your local System Partner to ask for assistance.

Maintenance Free Wind Turbines

Maintenance free helps in a financial healthy exploitation. What would there be left of your payback period if you must take down your turbine every year for a regular maintenance?

The wind turbines can be used in almost all weather conditions. Please note that if you are living on the North or South pole, you should order the special arctic edition. Also for marine environments we have extra protected versions. Otherwise, everybody can use the regular wind turbines.

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Planning Permission

For the installation and use of a wind turbine you will need planning permission.

Planning permission