Buy a Wind Turbine

Find out what you need to do before you order a small wind turbine from Fortis Wind Energy.

You want to make your contribution in the fight against global warming, save on your energy bill or just need electricity in a place where there is none. How to proceed?

There are a few questions to be taken into account before you reach for your credit card to buy a wind turbine. The first is local regulations. In a lot of places you would need a permit in order to put a turbine up. Ask your local planning officers what the regulations are. Please do mention that it concerns a small wind turbine, as people might think it goes up 70 meter.

Montana Crete battery charging

Montana Crete battery charging

In Crete this Montana is used for charging a 48V battery pack.

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Next question is about wind speed. Do you live in an area with sufficient wind? Are there not too many trees or other buildings standing around which will block the passage of good winds. For example, if you are living in an urban area, you should always consult a dealer to ask if your location meets the criteria.

These questions can also be answered by our dealers. You will find the dealer closest to you place here.