Private energy

How about generating your own clean energy? A modern household without electricity is unimaginable. But how is this electricity supplied?

Mostly it is generated by coal-fired plants that pollute the environment, nuclear energy that leaves waste for future generations, and oil that makes us dependent upon unstable countries.

If you want to make your own contribution, wind energy is the best way forward. Generating your own sustainable energy will make you independent of the energy industry and help you to save the world from global warming.

Among renewable energy alternatives, wind energy is the low-cost solution. If you can take advantage of a good location in the UK, you can generate your own sustainable energy from 5p per kWh. And this is not even using the best possible site!

Fortis has a longstanding reputation for building reliable wind turbines. With over 6,000 of them installed worldwide, we can say that we are the European market leader in micro turbines.

Why Fortis Wind Energy?

This website is intended to provide you with full information on our wind turbines, services, and company. On the Profit & Costs page you can calculate how much energy you can generate at your location and what a wind turbine would cost you. Our dealers have been well trained to inform and assist you with any questions you may have.