History of Fortis Wind Energy

Fortis Wind Energy, founded in February 1997, is based on over 30 years experience in Renewable Energy, especially in Small Wind Turbines. Fortis Wind Energy is the predecessor of LMW, which was founded at the end of the seventies.
LMW developed and produced Small Wind Turbines for houses without connection to the utility grid or houseboats in the Netherlands and a few European countries. From 1981 onward a large number of people from African and Asian countries became increasingly interested in a small battery charging wind turbine. During these years LMW acquired a considerable amount of experience for the erection and maintenance of the wind turbine in developing countries. Local service & commissioning was practically impossible. So a maintenance-free wind turbine was essential.
In 1985 the LMW 2500 and LMW 3600 wind turbine where developed with a rotor diameter of 5,0 m, suitable for battery charging and water pumping. In 1997/1998 redesign as the “Montana” with Ne-Fe-Br magnets in the generator and with a rated output of more than 5000 Watt.

From 1990 onward, Fortis Wind Energy developed systems for the Small Wind Turbines systems as:
• wind/PV solar stand alone system for battery charging
• wind battery-charging system with diesel generator backup
• Small Wind Turbines suitable for grid connections by means of an inverter
• wind electric pumping systems (WEPS) with DC motor driven pumps and AC motor driven pumps