Off-Grid Wind

Fortis Small Wind Turbine Systems can be used in Off-Grid systems, also called stand-alone systems, not connected to an electric distribution network or grid. In these applications, Small Wind Turbine Systems can be used to charge batteries and store the generated energy as a back-up power.

Off-Grid power systems can provide reliable Off-Grid power supply in isolated areas for homes, farms, or even entire communities that are far from the nearest utility lines.

An Off-Grid System may be practical for you if the items below describe your situation:

  • you live in an area with average annual wind speed of at least 4.0 meters per second
  • a grid connection is not available or can only be made through an expensive extension
  • the investment of a power line to a remote site to connect with the utility grid can be prohibitive depending on terrain conditions
  • You would like to gain your own independent energy
  • You would like to generate clean power and reduce Carbon dioxide (CO2)