Desalination Plant in Egypt runs on Wind & Sun.
Fortis Wind Energy (NL) and Juwi Renewable (DE) install a 100kW hybrid system in Egypt.

Off-Grid System
The system consists of four Fortis 12 kW turbines, 50 kW PV and 500 kWh battery bank to store the generated electricity.
The controlling of the wind turbine installation consists of 4x DVE-GFI-10K Inverter combined with Sunny Islands for the Off-Grid system.

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For brochure see PDF: Desalination_Plant_in Egypt_EN

Project Name: Agricultural University of Alexandria

Type of wind turbine: Alizé 12 kW

Configuration: Off-Grid, battery charging

Location of application: Wadi El Natrun, somewhere between Alexandria and Cairo

Status: February 2012

Category of the project: Agriculture & Farming