Montana Wind Turbine

The Montana is our wind turbine that is most often sold in the European and African market. With its 5 meter span it has a maximum power output of 5 kW.


Montana small wind turbine attracts customers

Montana small wind turbine attracts customers

This Montana 5 kW wind turbine is installed on a parking place of a road side restaurant

More about this turbine

The Montana is a small wind turbine most often used by private individuals who want to save on their electricity bill or who want to become independent from the electricity grid. One of our clients in France had one put up next to his road side restaurant, to save on electricity. The turbine do supply energy, but also attracted 25% more customers, as people were meeting at the turbine.

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Montana power curve

Schoondijke demo trials

Schoondijke demo trials

In Schoondijke a test trial is being organised to compare different small wind turbines.

More about this turbine

Product specifications

  • maximum output 5,8 kW
  • rotor diameter 5 meter
  • annual yield at 6 m/s 9,5 MWh
  • pole 12-24 m

Wind Turbine Blades

Blades are made of fibreglass reinforced epoxy

Generator type

The generator is a synchronous, 3 phase permanent magnet one. Deliverable in different voltages, so you can connect 48VDC, single phase grid or 3 phase grid applications.

Safety system

Safety system by hinged vane which will gradually turn the rotor out of the wind and a short circuit system for the generator.

Main features

  • 5 years guarantee
  • Average lifetime for wind turbine is over 20 years
  • Maintenance free