Desalination Plant in Egypt runs on Wind & Sun

Hybrid System in Thailand for water treatment

Power System for oil & Gas Industry in Egypt

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On-Grid Wind

Fortis Small Wind Turbine Systems can be connected to the public distribution network. These are called grid-connected systems.

Off-Grid Wind

Fortis Small Wind Turbine Systems can be used in Off-Grid systems, also called stand-alone systems, not connected to an electric distribution network or grid.


Together with Independent Energy BV our Strategic Partner we design turnkey Wind & Solar systems. These systems can be configured as On-Grid as well Off-Grid.

Small Wind Turbines

The Passaat is our longest running wind turbine type. Thousands of Passaats have found their way across the world in the last decades. The Passaat has a maximum output of 1,4 kW and a span of 3,12 meters.

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The Montana is our wind turbine that is most often sold Worldwide. With its 5 meter span it has a maximum power output of 5 kW or as the Montana-Q with 6 kW power.

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The Alizé is the largest wind turbine of our product range. Just like the other Fortis Wind Energy Small Wind Turbines, all are maintenance free system. With max. 6.9 meter span blades it provides a maximum power output of 10 kW.

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Where to buy Fortis Wind Turbines?

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Recently installed Wind Turbines

Fortis Wind Energy turbines are installed all over the world. This can be done because they are easy to install and maintenance free.

Recent project is the commissioning of 5 Hybrid Systems for water treatment in Thailand.


Off-Grid Hybrid Systems in Thailand, February 2015

IMG_3754Project: Water Treatment Solution

Product scope: System design, supply of equipment , commissioning of 5 systems by Fortis Wind Energy & Independent Energy The Netherlands. Each system is set up by: 120 x solar modules monocrystalline of 255 Wp 1 x Fortis Passaat (1,4 kW) wind turbine on 18 m monopole tower 3 x SMA STP inverter of 10 kW 3 x SMA Sunny Island type 6.0H 1x Battery Bank of 24 cells of 2 Volt type PVS4940 1x AC & DC distribution cabinet.

IKEA Store in The Netherlands

IKEA Store in Zwolle, The Netherlands with 9 units of the Passaat wind turbine in a grid connected configuration.

ROC Friese Poort Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

 ROC Friese Poort in Leeuwarden The Netherlands. A technical school for Renewable Energy equipt with a Montana 5 kW wind turbine on a 18m tube tower.

2015-01-06 16.28.49  Controlling by Aeocon grid-tied inverter and dump load. ROC Friese Poort

A Montana 5 kW installed in Deinze, Belgium

The logo of Home ‘t Brielhof is placed on the tail vane. Home ‘t brielhof is a group home for youth accommodation located on the banks of the river de Leie in Belgium. The Montana wind turbine is a contribution in clean energy.


Restaurant aan Zee, Oostvoorne The Netherlands